Since 2010, RAIN has been lead by a small group of volunteers and has permanently placed over 1000 pets in new and loving homes.


Our Mission

Rescue Animals in Need (RAIN) is a 501c3 no-kill animal rescue dedicated to reducing the number of homeless pets through public education and mandatory veterinary services and spay/neuter of all of our rescue animals.  RAIN takes in animals from abuse situations, shelters that euthanize, and owner surrenders.  RAIN does not turn away based on age, breed, or medical costs.  RAIN is committed to making a difference in the lives of pets in need and the forever families they find placement with.  RAIN has sponsored charity events, fundraisers, educational seminars, and more; to raise awareness to the plight of homeless animals and the importance of adopting pets. 

RAIN was founded in October 2010 by a dedicated group of volunteers and fosters who give up their time and money on a daily basis to help the organization save pets in need of forever homes.  RAIN takes in cats, dogs, and bunnies and is not breed specific, taking in a range of ages and breeds on an annual basis.  Over the last 7 years RAIN has placed over 1000 animals into loving forever homes.


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Of the 224 animals that were in or take into RAIN in 2016, only one pet was euthanized due to an incurable medical issue that was causing him excruciating pain.  That means that we NEVER euthanize for space, and make every attempt to provide premium vet care for all of our rescue animals.  Our current euthanasia rate is less than .005%.  

This puts our life saving percentage at over 99%!